"From Laboratory to Hair Salon…”


Celebrating the precious care to the beauty of hair, H-lab provide the brand new experience for shampoo and hair-care products, through their own experiments and discovery in the chemical formula. Elements of 3 used to embrace and redefine the branding of hair salon in H-lab:


Periodic Table: Experiments and persistence in discovering latest and best quality Hair-care products


Barber Pole: Barber was considered as a kind of surgery in the past, represent the precise and careful handy of the hair, which also become an iconic icon for salon nowadays.


Negative “H”: H for the “H”air, and “H”-lab


The enduring philosophy of this veteran hairdresser in Hong Kong, is present in every element of the brand – from shampoos, hair care products and hair dressing. With a vision of perfection, Longsa has redefined head of hair into healthy, beauty that exudes well-being.