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THINKTHING was founded in 2011 as a product design and consulting firm by our Managing Director, Jason Li, who brings exceptional ideas into reality. We are transforming as a design brand over the years yet our core values remain the same. We are committed to provoke new thoughts and inspire changes that improve our present. We keep things real and plausible, and most importantly–we think things.




We see the core of a design, take away the affectation, and leaving it as it is. This is what we believe is the idea of design, not just a glamorous appearance and not only a functional piece, but the conversion of a problem to a viable and presentable solution.



We believe everything has its potential and we can assist each other in our relevant fields to become better. We strongly believe everyone has a role to play and we are here to put the puzzle together. Even in objects, we are able to find the relationship between human habits and the product involved.

We trust in the power of our creator and our ability that we are all blessed to think creatively. As long as we use this divine gift appropriately, creative solutions come to us naturally. We can extract this part of ourselves to put it into practice and create designs that inspire.

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Never underestimate someone’s ability; we believe the only obstacle to anyone’s success is not reaching their full potential. The reason why we created Hoping Company, to help anyone who is facing difficulties by making simple tools to assist with their work and achieve efficient and exceptional results.


The first step we are taking is through helping our friends with disabilities and making their working environment convenient and handy. During this pandemic, we have realised the importance of maintaining a sustainable manufacturing industry in Hong Kong. With factories closing down and limits on transportation, the role of our sheltered workshop has been a significant help. 


A team of diverse and collective-minded talents that unites together to achieve the same end goal in making the world a better place. Through creating a sustainable collaborative environment by fusing rather different ideas and views together and generating all-round solutions that can keep up with the latest change in the market.

jason li sung shan


Founder / Managing Director

kenneth chan



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Assistant to Managing Director


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