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How to use your MagSafer 3.0

MagSafer 3-0 White.png

Name: MagSafer 3.0

Product Model: MS3.0

Wireless Charging Output: 5V/ 1A, 7.5V/ 1A, 9V/ 1.1A, 9V/ 1.67A (15W)

Plastic: ABS+PC ( Fireproof Rate: 94V-0)

Operating Temperature: 10~30℃

Product Size: 64 x 64 x 26 mm

Product Weight: 85g

The device does not have simultaneous charging and discharging capability.

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The MagSafer 3.0 is a MagSafe wireless charger that allows you to charge your compatible smartphone without the need for any cables. It is compatible with all smartphones that support wireless charging and features a built-in fan that helps to keep your phone cool during charging. The MagSafer 3.0 also includes a MagSafe magnet that ensures your phone stays securely in place during charging.

How to Use

  1. Connect the Type-C to Type-C cable charger to the MagSafer 3.0 and plug it into a 20W power adapter. (Jason recommended the Apple 20W Power Adapter.)

  2. Place your compatible smartphone on the MagSafer 3.0. The MagSafe magnet will automatically align your phone and ensure it stays securely in place during charging. The charging will start automatically.

  3. When you remove your phone from the MagSafer 3.0, the fan will automatically stop.

  4. If you want to charge another device, simply remove the phone from the MagSafer 3.0, and place the new device on the charger.

Safety Instructions

  1. Do not use the MagSafer 3.0 wireless charger if it is damaged in any way.

  2. Keep the MagSafer 3.0 away from water and other liquids.

  3. Do not attempt to disassemble or modify the MagSafer 3.0.

  4. Do not place metal objects on the MagSafer 3.0, as they could interfere with the charging process or cause damage to the charger.

  5. Keep the MagSafer 3.0 away from heat sources, such as radiators, heaters, and direct sunlight.

  6. Do not use the MagSafer 3.0 wireless charger with devices that are not compatible with wireless charging.

  7. Keep the MagSafer 3.0 out of reach of children and pets.

  8. Always unplug the MagSafer 3.0 from the power source when not in use.

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