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MagSafer 3.0

On the market, most wireless chargers are easy to heat up when charging the phone, which reduces the charging efficiency, energy loss and waste of electricity.


With this in mind, MagSafer 3.0 is a charger which provides MagSafe cooling charging. Equipped with cooling technology, It also has up to 18W (average: 15W) charging performance.

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Efficient Cooling

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MagSafe Charging

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Quick Charge

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Up to 18W Wireless Output Charging

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Length of Type-C (PD) Charging Cable:


Charging Efficiency:

3D Print Nylon

64 x 64 x 26 mm


About 1m

Black, Grey

Max 18W (average 15W)

*Expected deliver date: before Oct 31, 2022

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Lower temperature,

Higher charging performance.

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15 mins Charging Test

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