We plan things, we make stuff, we solve problems.

THINKTHING ideates creative answers to any problem that arises and hopes to redesign the best present that can be given.


We think beyond the existing to build a better future together with you.





Design is about creating solutions and we are not confined by anything. We put a solution to any problem that we came upon.


We discover your brand’s DNA and find the best approach to amplify your brand essence. We help extend your reach and make it known to the right audience.



We embrace and appreciate any new thinking, and if you have any groundbreaking ideas, let us know and we will assist you in making your vision come true.


Not only do we promote the idea of sustainable living in our products, THINKTHING integrates the full concept of sustainability in all parts of our life. Through the 3 fundamental pillars: Economic, Environmental and Social (profits, planet and people), we hope to create a sustainable ecosystem in our business to build and evolve together as a community. With a team consisting of quick-thinking individuals, we are able to efficiently create solutions that adapt to the fast-changing world and create a sustainable business that can handle unforeseen challenges with ease.


Never underestimate someone’s ability; we believe the only obstacle to anyone’s success is not reaching their full potential. The reason why we created Hoping Company, to help anyone who is facing difficulties by making simple tools to assist with their work and achieve efficient and exceptional results.


The first step we are taking is through helping our friends with disabilities and making their working environment convenient and handy. During this pandemic, we have realised the importance of maintaining a sustainable manufacturing industry in Hong Kong. With factories closing down and limits on transportation, the role of our sheltered workshop has been a significant help. 



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