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A Universal Magnetic Adapter for EVERYTHING!

Auto-align your phone to any surface with this multi-functional double-sided add-on product.


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ZTRAW is the world's slimmest, foldable and reusable straw. A solution created by us to break the stereotype against green products. Solving the biggest problem faced by reusable straws; portability and hygiene, ZTRAW requires simple steps to unfold and clean.

It is also created as a reminder of the correct use of plastic; for its durability and as an alternative from overusing nature’s supply. As long as they are recycled, they can provide a lasting supply of inexpensive material that creates endless possibilities.

Winning Awards:

/ Good Design Award 2020 (Japan)

/ K-Design Award 2020 (Korea)

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​Balance is the ultimate table lamp. A twist to your standard table lamp; it has a timeless and unexpected appearance yet it balances between functionality and aesthetic. With 6 angles for you to decide from, Balance can be used in any situation that arises.


Balance questions the visual balance and geometric form itself, re-defining the image and possibilities of a lamp.

Winning Awards:

/ HKSDA 2018 Judge Award

/ HKSDA 2018 Silver Award

/ Gift of the Year 2018

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FLIPEN is a foldable pen combining writing and bookmarking, a combination of pen and bookmark. It is ergonomically designed to facilitate writing. Besides, it is easily folded and clipped onto your notebook and flipped into a pen.


The idea first came to us during Bible studies. From our observation, we figured out that people needed to jot down notes and needed a bookmark in between breaks. Therefore, we wanted to invent a pen with both functions of writing and bookmarking.


Winning Awards:

/ HKSDA 2018 Smart Design Golden Award

/ Golden Pin Design Award

/ DFA Award 2019