ztraw evolution

ZTRAW is the world's slimmest, foldable and reusable straw. A solution created by us to break the stereotype against green products. Solving the biggest problem faced by reusable straws; portability and hygiene, ZTRAW requires simple steps to unfold and clean.

It is also created as a reminder of the correct use of plastic; for its durability and as an alternative from overusing nature’s supply. As long as they are recycled, they can provide a lasting supply of inexpensive material that creates endless possibilities.

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magsafe evolution

With the launch of the new iPhone 12, the Apple series, Magsafe has been reintroduced and has gathered up much attention. A to-go and compact auto magnetic alignment feature that makes your mobile much more accessible. You do not own an iPhone 12 but are enjoying what Magsafe can offer? The universal magnet adapter--Magsafer is here to help!

Auto-align your phone to any surface with this multi-functional double-sided add-on product.

pen flipen evolution

FLIPEN is a foldable pen combining writing and bookmarking, a combination of pen and bookmark. It is ergonomically designed to facilitate writing. Besides, it is easily folded and clipped onto your notebook and flipped into a pen.


The idea first came to us during Bible studies. From our observation, we figured out that people needed to jot down notes and needed a bookmark in between breaks. Therefore, we wanted to invent a pen with both functions of writing and bookmarking.


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balance lamp evolution

​Balance is the ultimate table lamp. A twist to your standard table lamp; it has a timeless and unexpected appearance yet it balances between functionality and aesthetic. With 6 angles for you to decide from, Balance can be used in any situation that arises.


Balance questions the visual balance and geometric form itself, re-defining the image and possibilities of a lamp.

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